Colourpop Buzz

Lately every blog, YouTube video and IG post I had seen was about this brand that I knew nothing about, Colourpop Cosmetics. So naturally, because I am so easily persuaded to buy anything, I googled their site. To my surprise, almost EVERYTHING was $5! Then I needed everything! I only had about 20 minutes to look before I had to meet up with my friends so I was only able to buy 8 items. Let me tell you, it was so rough to narrow it down to just 8! Every color was so pretty and I could think of a million ways to wear each one. 

I was very impressed with the product, for $5 it definitely wasn't a "you get what you pay for" experience, it was more! I felt that the Lippy Stix were non-drying, even in the matte finish and the glossy finish felt like butter on my lips, I didn't even have to top it off with a lipgloss (which is what I usually do). The Super Shock Shadows were a unique cream to powder finish that lasted all day long with intense shimmer and a huge pop of color. They were so easy to apply, my favorite way was to take my finger and pop them on my lid. 

Check out what I got, with a few swatches!

Bound  Lippy Stix

Bound Lippy Stix

Cookie  Lippy Stix

Cookie Lippy Stix

Frida  Lippy Stix

Frida Lippy Stix

Cake  Lippy Stix

Cake Lippy Stix