It is important to follow the aftercare process below for the next 7 days to maximize the procedure and ensure the best results.

DO NOT do any of the following to prevent any pigment loss or infection:

  • Pick, scratch, scrub or rub forcefully

  • Touch the pigmented area with bare or dirty hands

  • Wear makeup around the brow area

  • Get threaded or waxed for the first 4-6 weeks

  • Get them wet or soak (shower, bath, swimming pool, hot tub, etc.)

  • Exercise or sweat excessively

  • Use products containing AHA, Rentin A, Glycolic, or Lactic Acid

  • Get laser treatments, botox or facials for at least 6 weeks 

  • Sleep face down

Follow the following steps to ensure the best results:

  • 1st HOUR: Lymph fluids may surface on the brow. If so, blot brows every 10-15 minutes with a clean dry tissue for 1-2 hours

  • Each night for the first 3 nights: Apply witch hazel to a q-tip and gently swipe over eyebrows twice to remove light surface debris (ONLY for the first 3 days)

  • Nights 1 - 7: Apply a rice grain amount of Aquaphor on brows (1 rice grain size for both eyebrows)

  • After day 7, apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your brows to help prevent future fading

Follow up appointments should be scheduled between 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure. New procedures are a two-step process and final results are sometimes not determined until the follow up visit is completed. Do not judge your procedure while it is in the healing process as it may require a follow up.

If you experience excessive itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procedure, STOP using the aftercare product and contact your technician immediately, you may be allergic to the aftercare product.


Average healing time will vary from person to person and will depend on several factors that include age, skin type, circulation, hormonal cycles, and how easily and/or severely you swell and bruise.  Generally, as with any type of skin trauma, older looser skin tends to take a bit longer than younger skin to heal.  Other factors that may affect healing time include diet, excessive physical activity, exposure to direct sunlight, and any medications you might be taking.


After approximately two (2) weeks, your eyebrows will have mostly healed during the “shedding” or “scabbing” process. As a result, the initial intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired color shade will start appearing after the first 3 weeks. At about the 6-8 week mark, you will complete your touch up procedure to fill in any areas needing correction or modification. This session is NOT intended to change the shape of the initial appointment, as this was agreed upon at your initial procedure. If you would like to change the shape at your appointment, you will have to pay for the services accordingly.

During this touch-up session, the eyebrow tattoo artist will go over your eyebrows again, exactly repeating the initial session. This repetition helps the tattoo last longer and encourages the ink to embed more permanently into the skin.

After touch-up procedure an annual color boost is recommended to keep shape and color of desired brows.